reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference

September 28–29, 2018

Orange County CA


reTHINK Orange County is sold out!

You can catch the live stream in the spring of 2019.Info


Greg Koukl

Stand to Reason

Alan Shlemon

Stand to Reason

Tim Barnett

Stand to Reason

Amy Hall

Stand to Reason

J. Warner Wallace

Cold-Case Christianity

Frank Turek


Jason Jimenez

Stand Strong Ministries

Drew Worsham


Natasha Crain

Christian Mom Thoughts

Mike Winger


Jonathan Morrow

Impact 360 Institute

For All Seasons


Jeff Zweerink

Reasons to Believe

Cantinas Arts

Bradley Rapier

Cantinas Arts Foundation


Friday, September 28
5 pm Registration
6:15 pm Doors open
6:30 pm Welcome and worship
7:00 pm Session 1: Are the Gospels Reliable?
J. Warner Wallace
9:00 pm Session 2: Has God Spoken?
Alan Shlemon, Tim Barnett, and Greg Koukl
10:00 pm Announcements
Saturday, September 29
9 am Welcome and worship
9:20 am Session 3: The Bible Is Full of Unbelievable Stories
Frank Turek
11:10 am Breakout Session 1 See Topics
12 pm Lunch
Food trucks on site
12 pm Parent/Leader Luncheon: Why We're Losing Our Students and What You Can Do to Stop It!
Tim Barnett, J. Warner Wallace & Summit Ministries
Free for registered parents and leaders, sign up at registration
1:40 pm Session 4: The God of The Old Testament Is a Moral Monster
Jason Jimenez
3:10 pm Breakout Session 2 See Topics
4:15 pm Session 5: Science and the Bible Don’t Mix
Tim Barnett
5:35 pm Closing thoughts and dismiss


Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa

3800 S Fairview St
Santa Ana, CA 92704