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reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference

March 29–30, 2019

Dallas TX



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February 2 – March 22


March 23 and after

Can't make it in person? We'll be livestreaming the conference in the spring of 2019.Info


Greg Koukl

Stand to Reason

Alan Shlemon

Stand to Reason

Tim Barnett

Stand to Reason

Amy Hall

Stand to Reason

Frank Turek


Jason Jimenez

Stand Strong Ministries

Drew Worsham


Sean McDowell

Speaker and Author

Bridgette Hammers


Paul Nelson

Discovery Institute

Travis Dickinson

The Benefit of the Doubt


Friday, March 29
4:30 pm Registration
6:30 pm Welcome and worship
7:00 pm Session 1: Are the Gospels Reliable?
Sean McDowell
9:00 pm Session 2: Has God Spoken?
Greg Koukl, Tim Barnett, and Alan Shlemon
Saturday, March 30
9 am Welcome and worship
9:20 am Session 3: The Bible is Full of Unbelievable Stories
Frank Turek
11:10 am Breakout Session 1 See Topics
12 pm Lunch
Food trucks on site
12 pm Parent/Leader Luncheon: Why We're Losing Our Students and What You Can Do to Stop It!
Tim Barnett, Sean McDowell and Summit Ministries
Free for registered parents and leaders, sign up at registration
1:40 pm Session 4: The God of The Old Testament is a Moral Monster
Jason Jimenez
3:10 pm Breakout Session 2 See Topics
4:15 pm Session 5: Science and Faith Don’t Mix
Tim Barnett
5:35 pm Closing thoughts and dismiss


Cottonwood Creek Church

1015 Sam Rayburn Tollway
Allen, TX 75013