reTHINK Apologetics Student Conference

April 26–27, 2019

Birmingham AL



Before March 2


March 2 – April 18


April 19 and after


Alan Shlemon

Stand to Reason

Tim Barnett

Stand to Reason

Amy Hall

Stand to Reason

J. Warner Wallace

Cold-Case Christianity

Natasha Crain

Christian Mom Thoughts

Abdu Murray

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries


Friday, April 26
5 pm Registration
6:15 pm Doors open
6:30 pm Welcome and worship
7:00 pm Session 1: Are the Gospels Reliable?
J. Warner Wallace
9:00 pm Session 2: Has God Spoken?
Alan Shlemon, Tim Barnett, and Natasha Crain
10:00 pm Announcements
Saturday, April 27
9 am Welcome and worship
9:20 am Session 3: The Bible is Full of Unbelievable Stories
Abdu Murray
11:10 am Breakout Session 1
12 pm Lunch
12 pm Parent/Leader Luncheon: Why We're Losing Our Students and What You Can Do to Stop It!
Tim Barnett, J. Warner Wallace & Summit Ministries
Free for registered parents and leaders, sign up at registration
1:40 pm Session 4: The God of The Old Testament is a Moral Monster
Jason Jimenez
3:10 pm Breakout Session 2
4:15 pm Session 5: Faith and Science Don’t Mix
Tim Barnett
5:35 pm Closing thoughts and dismiss


Briarwood Presbyterian Church

2200 Briarwood Way
Birmingham, AL 35243